Call it a paradox! Call it hypocrisy but the difficulty is real!!

The land famed for Kama Sutra and Khajuraho

Indian gods, Indian mythology, and Indian temples are all filled with glorious scenes from the past. A striking feature I noticed in a lot of temples is that there are murals, sculptures and paintings of nude people and in erotic positions.

Even if you take them to be an art, is not erotica always connected to this land?

It amuses me no end to try and understand the hypocrisy that is portrayed here in almost everything from the government to religion to politics and now if that is not enough it follows people also into their bedrooms!

What I do in my bedroom is my business

The ban on production and selling of sex products in India is so hilarious that the first time a friend told me about it I thought he was pranking me. For a long time, I didn't believe him. We wanted to throw a bachelorette party for soon be a married friend and we decided to check out what was available on the market when we were in for a rude shock.

None of the shops had them!

There were no shops that sold them openly and when we got around to actually find a couple of shops selling them, they were stocked in the dingiest room away from the public glare and what do we see? The gaudiest of sex toys that were apparently manufactured years ago and been packaged loosely. Such bad stuff that we would refuse them even if offered for free.

The authorities are anachronistic in their outlook

If the authorities are anything then they are fascists which outdated ideas on morality and culture. psychologists world over are of the opinion that when a particular thing is kept away from a group of people then they naturally arouse the curiosity in that group so as to instigate them to either rebel against their rules and regulations or to clandestinely enjoy that what is forbidden.

Why allow the youngsters to climb the wall?

This question hit me first when I saw the stupendous statistics posted on one website and it looked like a well researched one wherein they categorically come to a conclusion that Indians as such are no less in sourcing their fantasy toys from around the world. In fact, they are only steps behind other countries like the US and the UK where it is actually possible to walk into a store that specializes in adult sex toys and walk away proudly with bags full and absolutely no question asked nor eyebrows being raised on the customer's morality. Click this link to read more about sex toys in India:

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