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We are a group of like-minded people who are lobbying with the various departments in the government especially the cultural one to allow the open sale of sex toys in the country. Over the years, we have been into comprehensive research and have collated a lot of information from the public domain and our private researchers and surveys that documents that the nation is one of the foremost on the list of source pleasure toys and accessories from around the world, albeit even clandestinely, sometimes with a fake name and an address that does not belong to them.

Freedom to choose

The paradigm shift in the mindset of the people regarding the fulfillment of their sexual fantasies is a part of the freedom of choosing what they want for themselves. It is a right that the constitution of a country ought to give it to them considering how important it is for every individual to have good sexual health.

The arguments against the sale of open trade are impractical

Sometimes amusing and most of the times regressive, the thoughts put out by the school of people who are against the open trade of the sex toys makes us and a lot of people with us cringe that even though we are marching briskly into a futuristic world, we still have a taboo on sex toys that are only proven to be more beneficial than harmful.

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We have a wide social media presence and we have a facebook, twitter and an Instagram handle in order to disseminate information about the work that we are continuously at. It takes a nation to break a stigma. We have started the movement; the question now is won't you join us to give us the momentum?

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