Where is the cultural freedom in our country?

Defiling of culture?

The message that the older generation and the society are passing to the younger generation is that it is okay to source it from other countries and okay as long as you seek pleasure from sex toys clandestinely bought and used but buying them from stores year; Ahhaa! It is against our culture!!

I heard a person against the outward sale of sex products saying that giving leeway to allow sex products being sold openly in stores would mean that we are allowing defilement of our culture and that there will be more diseases and more promiscuity. I am zapped and amused, to say the least. Mr. Cultural Defender, this is my say: health statistics say that in spite of everything that you argue and grope about, the promiscuity level in the Indian subcontinent is still high enough and almost at par with the other nations. Also, pornography and consumption of adult products are as much high here as anywhere else.

This leaves us with the fact that if the stringent stops that the Indian society draws are not able to have any effect, why is it done anyways. Why don't people just give the people here the leeway to choose what kind of things they want to buy so that they fulfill their heart's desires and also have more fulfilling sex with their legitimate partners?

Is it okay to buy online? I logged on to this wonderful site called adultproductsindia.com and was surprised that I was the one-thousandth visitor of the hour! Imagine the rate of consumption!!

Adult toys can improve health issues among partners

Apart from the sensual pleasures that the adult toys can give to those who are single, it is also known to spice up things in the bedroom for couples who have difficulty in being enough. There are products for everyone and there is absolutely no taboo in using them to improve your time in bed. It is, after all, an investment in the sexual health of a person.

Think of it this way: if the person is not sexually satisfied with his own partner albeit, without any aids such as adult toys, he may very well be looking out to clandestinely fulfill his sexual needs with someone else. Then what happens to all the culture defilement and honor talks?!

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